About My Management Ideas

Dr. JD McKenna, President


I have 25+ years of experience in IT and business management, supporting various federal government agencies and commercial enterprises in addition to being an Adjunct University Professor with a default mindset of curiosity, presenting a diverse array of subjects to MBA students from around the world.

I aim to inspire and assist clients with upgraded business models, from ideation to implementation. To achieve this, I draw on a solid understanding of the most influential business models, regardless of industry.

Scaled Capability

Questions About Me?

Where are you located?

I help people in the place that best suits their needs; thanks to the phone, email, and video conference tools, this has become the norm. Lately, I have been conducting facilitated tag-ups at various locations around Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What is My Mission?

My mission is to increase the client's operating efficiency and effectiveness by assessing their core capabilities and processes to ensure they align with their value proposition.

What credentials do you have?

I am very curious and like to stay busy, so I have completed the following training programs:

  1. Blackbelt Certified Enterprise Architect by the FEAC Institute
  2. Certified in Digital Transformation through CXO_Transform Inc.
  3. Certified in Project Management by the Project Management Institute (PMP)
  4. Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM)
  5. Advanced Project Management Certificate from International Institute of Learning
  6. Certification in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  7. Lean/Six Sigma Greenbelt through Honeywell Technologies Solutions
  8. Certified by the State of Colorado to teach at the University Graduate level
  9. I am currently enrolled in a leadership coach training program
What are your Superpowers

Using these "Coaching Superpowers" provides clients with the tools and skills to achieve great results.

  1. Empathy: People who meet me know they have been seen and understood
  2. Seeing the Possibilities in you – even when you have not seen them yourself
  3. Helping you see where you are on your roadmap, so you acknowledge the progress you have made in achieving your dreams
  4. Helping you uncover what you actually need versus what you want and how to capitalize on them
  5. Getting you unstuck and back on track
  6. Leadership Vision, in understanding, that by enabling people with opportunities to grow, we gain a competitive advantage
What Values do you Uphold?

These are the values that I work to uphold daily.

  1. Integrity: Being the trusted advisor to the customers who seek guidance from Scaled Capabilities.
  2. Commitment: Consistently delivering on customer expectations
  3. Excellence: Staying on the leading edge of technology and trends within the business leadership domain.
  4. Empowerment: People are a competitive advantage and should be provided with the tools and opportunities to grow through challenging responsibilities.
  5. Respect: Understanding that everyone is unique and recognizing their individual differences, skill sets, and aspirations.
My Recent Publications

These documents were written over the last several years and are being updated as time permits.

  1. A Business Process Model for IT Management
  2. Enterprise Architecture Support in the DoD
  3. Business Capability Modeling for a DoD Enterprise
  4. Capabilities to Services Delivery Reference Architecture
  5. Cloud Services Catalog Reference Architecture
  6. Migrating Data to an On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure
  7. Data Management and Data Analytics Reference Architecture
  8. Data Stewardship Concept of Operations
  9. Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations
  10. IT Chargeback / Showback System Deployment
  11. ITSM Cost Recovery Model Reference Architecture
  12. Linking Enterprise Architecture to Information Security
Volunteer Activities
  1. The Project Management Institute (PMI)
  2. Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
  3. Military Veterans Employment Expo volunteer
  4. Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Mentor volunteer
  5. Guest Speaker at the PrepConnect360 Program; Sponsored by the Pikes Peak Workforce Center
  6. Pike Peak Road Runners Aid Station Manager
  7. Pikes Peak Apex Mountain Bike Race Support Volunteer